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HyLite launches multi-mode OptiMax LED tube

HyLite launches multi-mode OptiMax LED tube

Apr 4, 2017: HyLite LED Lighting, a division of ARVA, LLC, is proud to announce the new Multi-Mode OptiMax™ Tube. The HyLite LED OptiMax™ Tube operates on electronic, magnetic, and emergency ballasts, as well as direct line voltage from 120V to 277V. This offers the best of both worlds in terms of installation and long-term maintenance. Installation is as easy as “Plug & Play,” and when the ballast fails, the tube can be connected to direct line voltage.

The 4-foot HyLite OptiMax™ LED Tube runs at 15W, provides an ultra-efficient 146 lumens per watt, and can save as much as 69% in energy compared to fluorescent tubes. It is also compatible with motion controls & sensors for even greater energy savings.

The HyLite OptiMax™ LED Tube provides a 300° beam angle with a proprietary optical design for wide and uniform light distribution. The tube is constructed with shatterproof, coated glass and does not contain any lead, mercury, or toxic gases, making it an ideal solution for food service and healthcare applications.

The OptiMax™ LED Tube Light is available in 4000K and 5000K. It is rated for 50,000 hours of life and comes with a 5-year warranty. The OptiMax™ is also DLC listed and qualifies for rebates through many utilities.

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  1. LED Tube Light use widely for commercial and residencial ,because the tube lights is easy install and convienient. in more addition,the tube lamp has different site and shape.There are 2ft 4 foot 8 foot
    and different shape from u-band tube ,glass 360 degree tube light and so on.

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