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Ideal LED lighting solutions for aviation industry

Ideal LED lighting solutions for aviation industry
By BizLED Bureau

September 30, 2015: The aviation industry has been one of the early adopters of LED lights. LEDs are ideal for the aviation industry as they consume less energy, give out less heat, which means more safety, and above all LEDs have long life and are reliable. Today, most aircrafts are using LED lights as reading lights, cabin lights, signages, cargo lights, and now the exterior lights are also being replaced with LEDs. LED lights are also being used on airport runways.

Runways or airfields witness extreme weather and environment conditions like extreme heat, rain, snow, dust, etc. Halogen and incandescent lights create enough heat to bear the snow, but they cannot withstand the other extreme conditions. On the other hand, LEDs give out less heat, hence they cannot melt the snow on them. However, research is being done to overcome the limitations of LED lighting so that its advantages can be helpful to the aviation industry. People are working to resolve the challenges in the areas of thermal management and in retrofitting the technology into the existing lighting systems.

Ideal LED lighting solutions for aviation industry

LED lights for aviation industry consist of obstacle lights which help to prevent accidents taking place when aircrafts fly close to high-rise buildings. An innovation in this space is the aviation obstacle light that are of low intensity, which are also suitable for telecommunication towers and high-rise buildings.

Only a few global LED manufacturers like Osram Sylvania, Philips, Orga, etc, make aviation lights. In India, Binay Opto Electronics Pvt Ltd and Insta Power offer aviation lights.

Dialight Plc, UK, FAA-certified obstruction LED lights. These are high efficiency LED lights that cut down the cost of maintenance and the safety risks. They also lower energy consumption and costs. It is a dual system that operates in three modes?day (270,000 candela at 220W), twilight (20,000 candela at 40W) and night (2,000 candela at 40W), plus night red (2,000 candela at 30W).

Hughey and Phillips, USA, offers Horizon dual medium intensity strobe system that provides day time white and night time red lights in one unit. Its self-contained power supply, with available GPS sync and day/night sensor, simplifies wiring but also accepts external signals if desired. This system is typically used on structures above ground level to provide aviation safety.

Vega Industries Ltd, New Zealand, offers VLB-2 LED navigation light that provides up to 2NM performance at 0.74 T. The light is available with optional GPS synchronisation. It is a high-capacity LED marine light specifically designed for use in high latitude applications. It comprises four solar panels, battery, battery housing, regulator, electronic controls and light source in a single, self-contained package. Its compact design allows it to be easily fitted onto fixed structures as well as a range of navigation buoys.

Obelux Oy, Finland?s aviation light manufacturer, offers environmental friendly aviation lights. The LED lights not only change colours, but they are also compliant to the infrared requirement asked by the aviation authority. Obelux LED lights can be used with infrared wavelength that makes them compatible lights.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been constantly researching in lighting technologies, to find new and suitable LED lighting solutions for the aviation industry.

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