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Idemitsu & Toray team up on OLED R&D and production

Idemitsu & Toray team up on OLED R&D and production

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 2, 2017: Japan-based OLED material manufacturer Idemitsu Kosan has entered into a partnership with Toray Industries, another Japanese chemical company, to co-develop OLED materials.

The two companies will utilize the OLED materials, technology and expertise possess by each company, and will cooperate in the development of new materials and material evaluation. Both the companies will also use their evaluation and production facilities. The companies believe that this collaboration will accelerate OLED material development and enable lower cost production. Idemitsu and Toray believe that this collaboration would also help grow their business significantly.

Idemitsu is already engaged in development, manufacturing and sales of cutting-edge luminescent materials and carrier transporting materials for the OLED industry. In fact, its hole transport materials are currently in use for OLED displays.

Toray’s OLED materials business involves research, technological development, manufacturing and sales of materials like electron transport materials that are based on its proprietary molecular design technology. The company is also engaged in the business of developing, making and selling insulating materials that help ensure the quality and increase the durability of OLED displays, as well as new materials to enable the commercialization of flexible displays.

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