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iDerma LED light therapy to beautify your face

iDerma LED light therapy to beautify your face

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 6, 2016: How about treating your skin with LED lights? The iDerma Face Beautification System will exactly to this. It is an excellent device to take care of wrinkle problem and other skin problems.

The modular iDerma headset that can be adjusted and is expected to cost about $350, will fit on to your head with interchangeable masks that cover the face.

About 140-150 red and infrared LED lights are found within the mask that bathe the skin with LED light and helps to reduce wrinkles. Masks that will come in the future to lighten the skin and treat acne will have green and blue LEDs as well.

“There are all different types of treatments you can do with light-based therapy,” said Apira Science founder and president Jeff Braile. “It kind of jumpstarts the cellular activity in the area where you are using it. … You can treat fine lines and wrinkles or just overall skin condition. You can treat acne and hyperpigmentation. As we come out with each of these masks you will be able to add it.”

Video Credit:Apira Science

Braile says that this LED light therapy treatment will become popular in spas, although it would be a little expensive.

The iDerma mask can treat the entire face at the same time. This light therapy takes eight to 15 minutes and is done three to four times a week.

Photo caption: An illustration showing he iDerma Facial Beautification System that treats a wide range of skin conditions including wrinkles, age spots and acne.(Photo: Apira Science)

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