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IES to come up with new color quality metrics

IES to come up with new color quality metrics

By BizLED Bureau

May 4, 2015: The LED industry is talking about a new color quality metric. It is reportedly said that Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) is set to make public a two-metric system that would separately characterize color fidelity and gamut in light sources, while delivering more actionable data than the legacy color rendering index (CRI). IES is likely to make the work public at LightFair International.

For long, the LED industry has been concerned about the CRI metric, as it is established in part to allow fluorescent sources to attain a reasonably good score of 80 out of 100. It is said that CRI penalizes light sources that oversaturate the color gamut. The industry has, therefore, adopted a new metric called color quality scale (CQS) several years back. But in 2012, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) failed to endorse CQS, leaving the industry with only CRI. While, there were many other proposals for metrics, none were successful. IES is now working on the two-metric system, which focuses on color metrics.

IES? new metrics will use a scale similar to CRI where 100 will be a perfect score, and will characterize how well a light source renders a color relative to a perfect reference source. The new color quality metric will include more than eight pastel color samples that make the CRI Ra metric.

The second color quality metric will be known as TM-30 Rg. Here, scores will be based on a 100 scale, although scores can exceed 100 to indicate oversaturation of color.

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