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Igor and Inspired LED sign PoE connected lighting partnership

Igor and Inspired LED sign PoE connected lighting partnership

Dec 1, 2016: Igor, Inc. and Inspired LED, LLC,  announce a complete connected lighting product partnership available to the market today. Consumers and commercial customers can integrate smart controls into their next lighting project seamlessly, with Igor’s connected software system and Inspired LED’s high quality fixtures.

This partnership brings two leading companies with complementary specialties together to provide a cohesive plug-and-play connected lighting package for customers. Inspired LED has led the way in the design of LED fixtures in the broader market, while Igor, Inc. has brought PoE connected lighting software to the lighting industry. Both companies are in the forefront of integrating currently available LED fixtures with a PoE based connected lighting control system.

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“I entered this partnership with Igor because I believe PoE is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the possibilities of LED Lighting Control, and after speaking with Dwight and Steve I realized that Igor understands this need, and has in place solutions to take action now,” said Jim Levante, CEO of Inspired LED. Levante continued, “PoE is the perfect solution for lighting control, and Igor has the products and support required to make it happen today.”

Steve L’Heureux, CEO of Igor, Inc. added, “Inspired LED is a very technologically progressive lighting company, and Jim has an incredible vision for the lighting world. Deciding to partner with them was easy – they design incredibly beautiful products with unique aesthetics that customers want.” L’Heureux continued, “Our open API platform allows them to mix and match their various products together to provide a whole host of new possibilities for their clients.”

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Inspired LED brings expertise and knowledge as a leading LED company and manufacturer offering the best in easy-to-use home, commercial, and specialty lighting. Igor, Inc. is a leading PoE software company that provides the platform to power and control LED lighting systems to optimize efficiencies. Together they provide the market a competitive and compelling PoE connected lighting solution.

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