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IICT develops low-cost model of organic LED

IICT develops low-cost model of organic LED

January 23, 2015: Scientists from the Hyderabad-based Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) have developed a breakthrough method to make a simple and low-cost model of organic LED (OLED) that has high power and high efficiency. The team has achieved a luminescence efficiency of 34% and a power efficiency of 22%.

With this technology, we can imagine a wall turning into a television, or a car window pane turning into a television. These futuristic gadgets are based on the phosphorescent ?organic? LED technology being developed by scientists of IICT.

Phosphorescent organic LEDs

Phosphorescent organic LEDs are a futuristic technology, which have extremely high energy efficiency.

?Organic LEDs are very light weight, with very high efficiency. Researchers around the world are making efforts to increase the efficiency level. Light from organic LEDs is like moonlight,? said Dr V Jayathirtha Rao, chief scientist and head of Crop Protection Division at IICT.

Harvest of inactive ?triplet excitons?

IICT scientists have focused on the harvest of inactive ?triplet excitons? that are formed when electricity is passed through the organic material.

Scientists, around the world, have achieved higher efficiencies of organic LED materials, but their processes have been much more expensive, said said Dr V Jayathirtha Rao.

?These can be powered with very low voltage, say 10 volts. So you can have organic LED screens in cars. A small solar cell can power an organic LED television at home,? he said.

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