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Independence LED Lighting & Social Energy partners to create ‘Five-Star LED Lighting Solution’

Independence LED Lighting & Social Energy partners to create 'Five-Star LED Lighting Solution'å

Oct 16, 2017: Independence LED Lighting and Social Energy Partners (“SEP”) announced  that they have joined forces to provide a “Five-Star LED Lighting Solution.”  The solution will help those in need, and it is also in line with the goals of the “Buy American and Hire American” Executive Order, signed by President Trump on April 18, 2017.

Advantages of the “Five-Star” program are as follows:

 #1: Authentic “Made in USA” LED Lighting.  The technology is provided by a network of U.S. manufacturers, spearheaded by Independence LED Lighting, one of the first authentic American LED manufacturers, since 2010.

#2: 10-year “worry-free” product and labor warranty. The industry standard for LED coverage is only 5 years on products, leaving the re-installation labor costs the burden of the buyers. The “Five-Star” program provides a true, 10-year warranty, backed by leading global insurance companies, that cover both products and labor.

#3: $0 upfront cost through the SEP-LaaS (Lighting-as-as-Service) platform.  SEP-LaaS funds 100% of the lighting retrofit project. Instead of buying lighting products, clients pay for LED lighting services through shared energy savings over the contracting period, thereby generating positive cash flows as installations complete. The service agreements are considered “off-balance-sheet” by the current GAAP rules, compared to typical financing programs that are “on-balance sheet” loans.

#4: Free energy savings assessments.  The energy audits and service proposals provide corporate and government agency decision makers the opportunity to review the energy savings and carbon emission reduction potential for their specific facilities and lay out annual cash flows generated from the retrofits.

#5: Jobs and training for U.S. veterans.  Over the past decade, Independence LED has engaged veterans for installations and LED Boot Camp training. The Five-Star program leverages cost-effective energy savings by LED lighting technologies to create economic advancement for those that have fought for freedom and for our country.

Both companies are committed to helping TexasFloridaPuerto Rico and other areas in need of rebuilding properties and energy infrastructure. This program is also ideal for the public and private sectors to reduce operating expense on existing buildings without upfront capital investment.

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