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India phasing out Edison bulbs, LED bulbs prices falling sharply

India phasing out Edison bulbs, LED bulbs prices falling sharply

By BizLED Bureau

July 7, 2015: The incandescent bulbs, also called Edison bulbs, are finally being banned in India too, some years after the West, China and Latin American countries banned it. The main reason for this move is the government?s realization about the benefits of energy efficient LED lighting. However, India still has about 700 million traditional bulbs in use, and LED bulbs account for only Rs 17800 million of the Rs 120,000 million lighting business.

Slow death of traditional bulbs

The death of the traditional bulbs will come in phases?2015 will see the death of 100 watt bulbs, and production will stop. In 2016, production of 60 watt bulbs will stop, followed by 40 watt bulbs death in 2017.

India’s lighting industry is working on this plan, informed Sunil Sikka, president, Electric Lamp & Component Manufacturers Association (ELCOMA).

Demand for incandescent bulbs has been stagnant for the last two years in India, indicating a shift to LED bulbs, particularly in higher income households. However, for a mass adoption of LED bulbs in the country, the government is now pushing several schemes? a massive government scheme has been launches in 100 Indian cities. Under this scheme government will provide two LED bulbs to each household at Rs 10, and then a monthly charge of Rs 10 will be added to each household in their power bills for a year. Indian government has also decided to install LED bulbs in 100 districts every year.

Sharp decline in LED bulb cost

The government order will lead to a sharp decline in production costs of LED bulbs in India, which will lead to price cut in LED bulbs across the country.

According to the industry, retail price of LED bulbs is also coming down. “In the last one year, prices of LED bulbs have declined by 30-40%, and the industry feels that this trend will continue. A 5 watt LED bulb is expected to cost Rs 300 soon.

Bajaj Electricals which is set to launch LED lighting products in April 2015, is considering reduction in their costs.

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