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India to become world’s LED capital?

India to become world’s LED capital

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 22, 2016: Following the introduction of UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All) scheme in India, the nation is headed to become LED capital of the world and is likely to emerge as the biggest market for LEDs, believes industry experts. The UJALA scheme was introduced by Government of India with the aim to replace all inefficient bulbs with LEDs.

Piyush Goyal, the power minister of India said that India is riding high on the global LED market as the nation now sells 770 million LED bulbs each day. The country sells a huge amount of LED bulbs everyday. Since the past two years, the cost of LED bulbs in the nation has fallen to Rs 52 from Rs 332, he added.

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India headed for big business with UJALA

Saurabh Kumar, managing director of Energy Efficiency Services, said that at present 12% of entire LED lighting system sold across the globe is consumed in India. He further said that the increase in the nation’s share of LED lighting consumption was chiefly being driven by LED bulbs promoted through the UJALA scheme. Over 9.7 crore LED bulbs have already been distributed across the country under the UJALA scheme.

Furthermore, Kumar added that there is no subsidy associated with UJALA either by the state government or the Centre, which forms the key highlight. China too had a LED replacement program but subsidy was involved, he informed.

Under the UJALA scheme, it is now possible to buy a 9W LED bulb at Rs 85 only. Additionally, some Indian states have obtained even lower rates during bidding. The scheme offers technically ideal 9W LED lamps, Kumar added.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

As a part of the government’s bigger plan for demand-side management, UJALA scheme has been fit together into the broader climate approach to meet voluntary target for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Lighting division holds around 20% of the entire power consumption across India. Majority of the lighting requirements public and domestic divisions are met by CFL bulbs. The aim of UJALA is to replace the entire 77 crore CFL bulbs in India with LED bulbs.

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It is projected that after the completion of its target, the scheme would help in saving Rs 40,000 crore in electricity bills on an annual basis. Also, it is expected that the UJALA scheme will reduce 20,000 MW load which will result to save energy of 100 billion units. This will help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 million ton on an annual basis.

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