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Indian city Chandigarh installs floating solar power plant

Indian city Chandigarh installs floating solar power plant

By BizLED Bureau

July 27, 2016: As a part of the Indian government’s effort to develop Chandigarh as a solar city, a 10 kw peak (kWp) floating solar power plant has been commissioned at Dhanas lake in the city. The solar project will be providing power to fountains at the lake for aeration.

The floating power plant in Chandigarh comes about as an attempt to attain practical and substantial progress in connecting solar energy and help large-scale generation of electrical energy through solar radiation at inexpensively feasible cost.

With the aim to identify the broader goal, Yellow 2 Gen Energy Pvt, which set up the floating solar plant, has proposed to the Chandigarh Renewable Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society for pioneering expansion of the land-neutral solar photovoltaic (floating SPV) plants.

A Yellow 2 Gen Energy spokesperson said that the estimated cost of the floating solar power plant is around Rs 12 lakh. This technological novelty paves way for the platform to be installed on small water bodies with the aim to meet captive energy needs and protection of lakes and ponds, added the spokesperson.

One of the key highlights of the floating solar power plant is the dual-axis tracking technology, which has been created in an indigenous manner, and has the ability to generate 30% or more power as compared to traditional solar photovoltaic ones mounted on the land.

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Stressing on the relevance of the solar plant, a chief authority said that the choice to promote set up of floating solar power plants will profit states that are struggling with the issue of land acquisition. The government has selected Chandigarh to develop it as a model solar city and has a determined plan for deployment of 175 GW renewable power capacity by 2022, which also includes 100 GW in solar energy.

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