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Indian consumers in Nashik cannot buy LED bulbs through EMI

Indian consumers in Nashik cannot buy LED bulbs through EMI

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 29, 2016: The consumers in Nashik in the Indian state Maharashtra, have only cash payment option for buying LED bulbs.

Majority of the utility companies in the nation have offered consumers the option to pay for LED bulbs procured under government inducements through EMI. However, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has given the option of cash payment only.

Under India’s Domestic Efficient Lighting Program (DELP), to endorse the production of LED bulbs, the bulls are priced at $1.49 or Rs 100, which is almost a quarter of the Indian market price of Rs 400.

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However, most of the consumers are not being able to make cash payment, particularly when it comes to multi-bulb procurements.

The EMI option is not being given as MSEDCL hasn’t provided related software to be installed in the retail locations, according to LED bulb vendors across the state.

The MSEDCL officials have acknowledged that the software to link LED bulb procurements to energy bills need to be installed in its workplaces, causing the EMI payment option to be inaccessible in the some areas of the state.

One of the MSEDCL officer said that they expect to install the software by April 2016 as majority of the employees are already loaded with work and also need to meet the deadline of the financial year.

Furthermore, he said that people will get the EMI payment option as soon as the software gets installed with the recovery being linked to the account. Each month Rs 10 for each LED bulb procured will be incorporated in the energy bill on a monthly basis until the said amount gets recovered.


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