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Indian ECoR distributes LED bulbs among its employees

Indian ECoR distributes LED bulbs among its employees

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 9, 2015: In order to promote energy conservation in India, the East Coast Railway (ECoR) has started implementing Central government-sponsored Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP) in its area of jurisdiction. Under this program, LED bulbs are being distributed among ECoR employees. According to official sources, each employee can buy 10 bulbs of seven watt at a concessional rate of Rs 100 a piece.

“We promote LED bulbs because they consume less energy and are durable,” said ECoR’s Deputy Chief Electrical Engineer Manoj Kumar Sahu. ECoR Chief Public Relations Officer J P Mishra said that around 40,000 employees work under three different divisions of ECoR zone. Thirty million bulbs will be distributed in first phase at a concessional rate, he added.

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The ECoR is also planning to use renewable energy like solar power to reduce the use of electricity. It will install solar panels on the rooftop of ECoR headquarters. Lanterns have been provided at 28 level-crossing gates in the state and solar water heaters system installed in several areas.

According to ECoR sources, occupancy sensors have been provided to 330 offices which function under their zone to check wastage of energy and plans are afoot to set up one-megawatt solar plant at its Waltier division.

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