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Indian government pushes LED lighting drive through ‘online’ shopping


By BizLED Bureau

Feb 2, 2016: Taking the initiative towards ‘green planet’, the Indian government took a step further in promoting LED bulbs in each and every household. The authorities have enrolled the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP) with ‘online’ shopping and consumers can easily buy a single unit of LED bulb at just Rs 99.

Indian government pushes LED lighting drive through ‘online’ shopping

The government has formed a special unit called Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), which is a state-run program under the power ministry. They have collaborated with Snapdeal, a market leader in online selling with penetration to maximum internet-savvy users.

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The current plan EESL, is to channelize the government’s programme in financially assisting consumers to replace less efficient CFL or incandescent lights with latest LED bulbs. This sceheme will save thousands of crores for consumers and the biggest benefactor is lower carbon emissions for a safe environment.

In the initial part of the program, Snapdeal would help the government expand its marketing and distribution reach over 5,000 cities and towns to adopt LED bulbs beyond DELP.

Nearly 5.6 crore LED bulbs have been distributed so far to users by EESL. This has resulted in massive power savings of 1,735 mw during peak demand. The figure is close to nearly a third of Delhi’s consumption resulting in daily cost saving of over Rs 7,000 crore. This further reduces greenhouse emissions equivalent to 16,092 tonnes of ‘carbon dioxide’.

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Currently, India has close to 77 crore incandescent bulbs in use and wants to replace all with LED bulbs. This will result in reduction of 20,000 mw load, energy savings of 105 billion units and reduce greenhouse gas emission equivalent to 80 million tonnes of ‘carbon dioxide’ every year.

Consumers will have an annual saving of  Rs 40,000 crore, as the current average tariff of Rs 4 per unit. We hope that these initiatives will take the nation and planet towards a green and safer environment.

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