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Indian polytechnic students can turn your CFLs into LED bulbs

Indian polytechnic students can turn your CFLs into LED bulbs

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 29, 2015: Do not throw away your faulty CFL bulbs, just store them as they can cut down your electricity bills. The technical cell volunteers of National Service Scheme (NSS), Kochi district, Kerala, India, will collect your faulty CFL bulbs to convert it into LED bulbs. They are mooting a project for helping the households with their technical skills.

These volunteers will launch the project at Kuthiravattam Mental Hospital, Kozhikode City, and then it will be extended to the households. The NSS unit of the JDT Islam Polytechnic College, Vellimadukunnu, has started this project and its members will train the NSS volunteers in the technical cell to explore the technology for the project.

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According to Arshad T K, a student of JDT Polytechnic and district NSS activities coordinator, ?After offering training to the NSS volunteers, each of the NSS units in the nine engineering and polytechnic colleges in the district will carry out the work in their college. Volunteers will collect one CFL bulb from each household and return 16 volt LED bulbs in the CFL bulb?s body. Residents of the district will be given training to equip themselves in converting the faulty CFL bulbs at their homes to LEDs and thus save energy?.

Ajal K P, a NSS volunteer who first explored the technology and imparted training to other students, says that they have designed a circuit for making LED bulbs from CFL and have already transformed around 30 CFL bulbs. Their circuit board puts certain components in the used CFL bulb apart from new components required for an LED bulb to make the energy-efficient LEDs. A meagre amount of around Rs 25 is required for each bulb as the reuse of CFL bulb reduces the cost.

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They will launch the project at the Mental Hospital with 16 volt LED bulbs in January 2016 and have already started collecting the CFL bulb cases for making LED bulbs. The district administration has also offered full support for their initiative.

Photo Credit: Indian Express

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