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Indian Prime Minister launches scheme for LED bulb distribution

Indian Prime Minister launches scheme for LED bulb distribution

January 6, 2015: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a program to distribute LED bulbs under the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme in Delhi, the capital of India. He also inaugurated a National Program to install LED lighting in homes and as street lights.

LED bulbs will be distributed in phases from March 2015. The project of installing LED bulbs in homes and as street lights will be undertaken in 100 cities and the target will be completed by March 2016.
In Delhi, LED bulbs will be given to all domestic consumers at an initial cost of Rs 10 each and the rest of the cost will be recovered in 12 months from their electricity bill. The actual cost they have to pay over 12 months is Rs 130. This cost is only available under this program. The actual cost of the LED bulb is Rs 350-600 in the open market. The estimated annual savings for households in Delhi per LED bulb will be Rs 162. All traditional bulbs in South Block will be replaced by LED bulbs, which will save 7000 units of energy every month, according to a government press release.

While symbolically installing one LED bulb, the Prime Minister urged the citizens to use LED lighting and conserve energy. He also asked the people to make LED lighting a revolution in the country.

Modi described the LED bulb as a ‘prakash path’, which means ‘a way to light.’ The Prime Minister also said that these LED lighting programs will also give immense opportunities to the LED lighting manufacturers to rise to the occasion and manufacture good quality LED bulbs to meet the increasing demand.

He urged the people to look for innovative ways to generate awareness about LED lighting, and said that LED bulbs can be given as gifts to help spread its usage. Companies can also distribute LED bulbs along with dividend payments, he said.

Modi urged district authorities to set targets and and prioritize the program in their respective districts. He also asked entrepreneurs, eminent citizens and common people to get involved in the program and spread the word.

The prime Minister also launched a web-based system to help citizens in Delhi to register requests for procuring LED bulbs under Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP).

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