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India’s monthly production of LED lamps increases 30 fold

India's monthly production of LED lamps increases 30 fold

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 17, 2015: The Indian market?s demands for efficient products has doubled with falling prices and increased participation of private companies, as the country is committed to lower carbon footprint.

LED lamp distribution program initiated by the government has driven up LED luminaires productions to 30 million per month, which was only 1 million a year ago. The state-owned Energy Efficiency Services coordinated these programs, and is also assisting the government in floating contracts for retrofitting LED streetlights and maintaining them, creating a market for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs).

The government raised its investment in energy efficient electrical equipment from Rs 740 billion six years ago to Rs 1.5 trillion, following the success of its LED lamp distribution program. About Rs 350 billion of this budget is allocated to energy efficient lighting and streetlighting, while Rs 500 billion is invested in solar pumps.

EESL procures LED lamps in bulk through bidding and distributes them among consumers through power distribution companies.

Major companies like Philips, Havells, Surya Roshni and Compact have raised LED production while Everready Industries and Syska LED, making LED lamps, will also be likely to grow its distribution program to reach a all-India level. Many companies such as MIC Electronics and EcoLight LED systems have raised their production capacities.

The Indian government aims to conserve 8.5 million Kwh of electricity consumption per day or 15,000 tonnes of CO2 by replacing 770 million traditional bulbs and CFLs with LEDs nationwide, and 35 million streetlights in the next three years.

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