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India’s rooftop solar capacity exceeds 1 GW mark

India's rooftop solar capacity exceeds 1 GW mark

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 28, 2016: With a whooping 513 MW generation of rooftop solar power capacity added over the past one year, India has exceeded 1 GW mark in 2016, according to a report, titled ‘India Solar Rooftop Map’.

At present, India’s solar capacity is growing at 113% and the total installed capacity has reached 1,020 MW, added the report. Furthermore, the report said that 2015’s capacity addition has been the highest as compared to previous years, with 22% of capacity added through PPA (power purchase agreements) based projects.

Improving economics of rooftop solar

India’s rooftop solar market development is directly related to improving money matters of rooftop solar. Most industrial and commercial consumers can decrease their electricity bills by 20-30% with rooftop solar power. Industry experts believe that the growth will continue in the coming years. The solar rooftop market will hit a capacity of 12.7 GW by 2021, according to the report.

Furthermore, the report also said that industrial and commercial consumers dominate the market with 63% installed capacity. Grid equality for these consumers has now been achieved in a total of17 out of the 19 largest states in the nation. In states like Maharashtra and Haryana, tariff disparity between rooftop solar and grid power can go as high as 30%, the report added.

Rooftop solar has potential

Up until now, rooftop solar has been a part of the mainstream Indian solar sector. However, things seem to change now as this sector is increasing rapidly and starting to recognize its potential due to rising cost competitiveness of rooftop solar power against grid power.

India’s rooftop solar capacity exceeds 1 GW mark

It is expected that rooftop solar will outpace development in the utility solar market in the near future. The Indian government has announced appealing policies like cheaper debt financing, subsidies for select customers and net metering. Further, there is considerable rooftop capacity being created in the government sector.

The government rooftop solar sector has increased to over 10% in total installed capacity. In terms of total solar installed capacity, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat are leading the way.

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