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Industry assessing future of color standard by combining CRI and GAI

Industry assessing future of color standard by combining CRI and GAI

By BizLED Bureau

May 18, 2015: The LED industry is currently assessing the future of color standard by combining metrics like color rendering index (CRI) and gamut area index (GAI). The number of colors that are used to determine CRI?s ability of LEDs is also being assessed.

Research centers like Pennsylvania State University and Lighting Research Center (LRC) are carrying out research on the quality of light and trying to find out ways to quantify it.

The industry believes that when GAI, CRI and a metric are combined to determine color deviation, a new metric for color standard is developed.

CRI provides limited sets of colors when compared to natural light. It does not provide saturated colors adequately and, as a result, tends to incorrectly give high ranks to sources that provide saturated colors wrongly. Light is a combination of saturation, hue and brightness. These factors are taken into consideration to correctly characterize light. GAI is a metric that has these characteristics and represents the effect of natural light.

The fast advancements in LED technology helps the industry to correct or improve color issue, for instance they are able to improve the white points and color that appeal the human beings. With advancements in LED technology, consumers also demand high color quality.

As light quality increases, that is CRI and GAI, efficacy reduces as there is the need to convert blue light from LED die into other different colors. For example, Bridgelux, a US-based LED manufacturer,

has developed Décor Series Class A, which is premium color quality product for applications in the retail sector and other areas where high quality LED lights are required. Bridgelux has also partnered with the Lighting Research Center to develop a light specification, and is researching to prove how people perceive light. They are working on defining the requirements of light like chrome, hue, brightness and white point. They are also developing phosphor conversion systems that convert blue light from the LEDs.

The industry believes that by 2015, this technology will be commercialization on a large scale, particularly, in the commercial and residential domains.

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