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Industry’s first dual-mode LED driver with programmable emergency light levels

Industry’s first dual-mode LED driver with programmable emergency light levels

Aug 2, 2017: Osram, a leading global lighting and technology company, announced its Optotronic Dual-Mode Programmable Emergency LED Driver, the market’s first programmable single-driver solution for emergency Solid State Lighting fixtures, which offers the ability to program and customize the light output in both normal and emergency operations. A separate snap-on battery pack with harness, available in slim, linear and compact options, powers emergency lighting in the event of an outage and provides up to 18W in back-up mode. The complete solution reduces the number of components required per emergency luminaire, substantially simplifies in-fixture wiring, and enables OEMs to better tailor their fixtures to application requirements while reducing the number of SKUs they must inventory.

“Emergency lighting luminaires typically require a dedicated emergency driver, a dedicated LED driver and numerous wiring connections, creating a complex manufacturing process and often compatibility issues for OEMs,” said Tom Shottes, Head of Osram Digital Systems, Americas Region. “Osram’s new Optotronic Programmable Emergency LED Driver combines the emergency and standard LED drivers into one solution, addressing key issues experienced by OEMs. The ability to program and tailor the light output in both standard and emergency mode offers additional value and flexibility in designing emergency lighting fixtures.”

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The National Fire Protection Association’s code has a minimum requirement of one foot candle of light on the ground for at least 90 minutes to allow people to safely and efficiently exit a building in the event of an emergency. A programmable emergency driver solution enables OEMs to support customers with tailored and optimized emergency solutions, irrespective of the building architecture, space and lighting plans.

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The Optotronic family of LED power supplies features a complete portfolio of constant current, constant voltage, and multiple output power supplies in a variety of standard and custom electrical configurations and form factors to suit a wide variety of application spaces and system requirements. The portfolio was built upon decades of global industry leadership, experience and collaborative R&D efforts, and all Optotronic power supplies meet the highest industry standards for robust performance, reliability and peace of mind.

The Optotronic Dual-Mode Programmable Emergency LED Driver is now available to specify in the Americas Region.

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