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Inkjet printing can make solar cells more beautiful

Inkjet printing can make solar panels more beautiful
Pic source: Aalto University

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Aug 15, 2016: Aalto University have introduced a new way that can make solar panels look beautiful. For a long time now, organic and dye-sensitized solar cells have been produced with the aid of printing methods.  However, researchers wanted to see if they could use conventional inkjet printing to produce solar power images in the same way like using standard printing ink.

Inkjet printing can make solar panels more beautiful

There have been ongoing arguments about solar panels being ugly, and particularly when it comes to rooftop solar many agree that they spoil the beauty of the building or they stand out from the other homes in a locality. The researchers are working on to improve the performance of solar cells as wel, and they are also striving to make the solar cells mix in a beautiful manner with their environment.

The technology

Using photovoltaic ink, the researchers printed semi-transparent, dye-sensitized solar cells comprising of portrait images. The inkjet image solar cells were as competent and durable as solar cells created in more conventional ways and after 1,000 hours of incessant light exposure and heat stress; there was no decline in presentation.

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The advantages of having a solar cell printed with shapes and images is that, while switching light to electricity, the solar surface may as well hold visual information or graphics. Such graphics could be squeezed so that the dimness and clearness of different parts increases the competence of the solar cells. This idea may as well result in solar cells being incorporated as part of the design of low power devices, something that increases the beauty of an object rather than taking away from it, all while creating the electricity needed to power it.


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