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Innovative LED lighting solutions for hospitals

Innovative LED lighting solutions for hospitals

By BizLED Bureau

October 14, 2015: None can deny that proper lighting plays a very important role in hospitals. It is so important to keep the morale up in patients, which is possible through proper lighting in the patient rooms, operation theatre, ICU, etc. Right type of lighting stimulates our motivation and can keep us calm, whereas an inadequate lighting can affect us negatively. Proper lighting system can also help people to recover faster.

According to health experts, lighting solutions for hospitals should be chosen very carefully keeping in mind the ambience, well-being and sustainability. To create the correct ambience, the lighting condition should be comfortable that will help to ease patients and their families.

LED lighting solutions are very suitable for in hospitals as they provide long lifespan, low heat output and greater design possibilities than traditional lighting. Also, LED lights are being integrated into the building automation systems, and through dimming and sensing control systems they prove to be very beneficial for healthcare.

LED lights with high colour rendition are suitable for healthcare applications. With LED lights, heat generation into a space is minimum. Also, the ability of LED luminaires to create targeted light distribution reduces shadows and improves doctors? visual acuity.

However, just one type of lighting solution will not be adequate as a hospital has lighting requirements for many specific areas like offices, waiting rooms, entrance halls, circulation rooms, operating theaters, ICU, patient rooms, corridors and parks. There are different lighting solutions for all these different areas.

What LED players offer

Major LED brands like Philips, Osram, GE, Cree offer different innovative LED lighting solutions for healthcare, keeping the different requirements in mind. For example, patient rooms and ICU are places that require bright lights for proper medical examinations, yet these lights need to be very calm and comfortable for the patients.

Philips offers lighting solution called HealWell, which are suitable for the patient rooms as they take care of the human body?s natural responses to light. This lighting solution simulates sunlight like light indoors, allowing the patients to maintain their biorhythm and enhance their sense of comfort and well being.

Cree is also committed to providing the best indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions for hospital applications. It recognises the importance of sustainable LED lighting solutions that provide healthcare facilities that are energy efficient, and high quality.

Cree offers healthcare lighting solutions with high colour rendering that facilitates well-being of the patients. Cree LED troffers provide clean, crisp light that create quiet ambience and minimise eye strain and patients? stress. With Cree?s TrueWhite technology, Cree LED fixtures deliver efficacy, 90+ colour rendering index and consistent colour temperatures. Cree?s CR series of LED troffers also provide dimming facility for better visibility in clinical and diagnostic areas.

Osram and Philips also offer LED ceiling lights and LED warm and white lights for the walls suitable for the patient rooms; these lighting systems have lighting control systems to adjust the lights as per the requirements. Philips also offers Luminous ceiling LED lights that simulates daylight to make critically ill patients comfortable in the intensive care. These lighting solutions are in line with the fact that our health is closely connected with sunlight, hence they create similar light as sunlight. These lights can also change colours as colours also play important role in relaxing the patients and their families, as well as the hospital staff who work round the clock.

Osram also offer very reliable LED lights with good colour rendering and as little infrared radiation as possible. It has developed innovative headlight lamps that allow surgeons to work with complete precision. Osram also offers reliable surgical lighting that provides the best possible view with maximum luminance in the operation theatre.

The latest advancements in LED lighting solutions also help patients to control their lights from the hospital beds. They can also use their TV remote control to control their lights, with being dependent on the hospital staff.

Many hospitals are also adopting LED solutions that maximise the amount and quality of daylight that enters the rooms, which is called daylight harvesting. This technology helps to save huge amount of energy.

For more info: http://www.lighting.philips.com/main/application_areas/healthcare/healwell.wpd


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