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Intertek to provide LED Christmas light testing services in Taiwan

Intertek to provide LED Christmas light testing services in Taiwan
Intertek's booth at Taiwan International Lighting Show 2016.

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 20, 2016: According to an Intertek representative, the British test lab is willing to provide decorative LED Christmas light testing services in Taiwan. The statement was made at Taiwan International Lighting Show 2016 which was jointly organized by ITRI, TAITRA and SEMI at Nangang Exhibition Hall Center, Taiwan.

There are LED Christmas light recall cases each yea across Europe and US concerning possible fire mishaps. Majority of the LED lights are manufactured by Asian firms that simply cannot afford to lose consignment quantities.

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The Intertek representative said that huge consignment quantities are necessary Christmas LED light manufacturers if they desire to become lucrative owing to the lights low retail cost.

Owing to the usage of such lights in outside surroundings and the possible fire mishaps, the lights are subjected to more severe UL 88 testing standards rather than just some common lighting applications. Also, the lights may have to undergo water resilience test as well.

The Intertek representatives further said that at present, there is more consciousness of passing safety tests for decorative LED light makers in Taiwan that are seeking to ship their products to America and Europe. In US, Walmart sell only those products with safety marks these days, the representative added.

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The Taiwanese have to get their products tested in labs so that the concerned products can receive safety certification following the huge standard for decorative LED Christmas lights set by giant retailers such as Walmart.

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