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IOTA’s ETS-DR emergency control device enhances energy savings

IOTA's ETS-DR emergency control device enhances energy savings

Sep 28, 2017: IOTA has released the new ETS-DR emergency lighting control device for auxiliary generator and inverter supplies, featuring IOTA’s “DR” dimming relay feature for 0-10V dimming applications. The ETS-DR allows for local switching or dimming controls on designated fixtures powered by an auxiliary supply. This eliminates the need for night lights or ‘always-on’ fixtures, resulting in increased energy savings and regained control of interior lighting conditions without compromising emergency egress lighting requirements.

The 0-10V dimming relay allows the ETS-DR to accommodate both the local switch and the dimming control leads. In the event of a power loss, the ETS-DR will bypass the local control and dim settings and allow the fixture to operate at full brightness from the auxiliary or generator supply. Traditionally, applications such as this required two control devices – one for the normal circuit and one for the dimmed circuit – however, the ETS-DR eliminates the need for a second device, making it simpler to maintain Life Safety codes for these types of lighting scenarios.

The IOTA ETS-DR is qualified for loads up to 3A per NEMA 410, UL Listed for field and factory installation, and responsibly designed and manufactured to RoHS standards.

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