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IQE extends production of 6-inch VCSEL with AIXTRON systems

IQE extends production of 6-inch VCSEL with AIXTRON systems

Sep 18, 2017: Aixtron SE, a worldwide leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, received a multiple MOCVD system order from IQE plc (UK), the leading global supplier of advanced wafer products and wafer services to the semiconductor industry. The AIX 2800G4-TM automated Planetary reactors® expected to be deployed for the growth of gallium arsenide-based (GaAs) epi-wafers on 6-inch substrates for the production of VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) for a range of photonic applications.

All systems are equipped with an 8×6-inch configuration and will complement the existing
AIX 2800G4-TM tools already in production at IQE to meet the rapidly increasing market demand for VCSEL devices. Aixtron’s local support team will commission the new reactors until the first quarter 2018 in a new state-of-the-art production facility recently leased as part of the Cardiff Capital Region programs which have a goal of supporting the development of the Compound Semiconductor Cluster “CS connected” in South Wales.

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Dr. Howard Williams, Chief Operating Officer at IQE, says: “We chose the AIX 2800G4-TM for our capacity expansion due to the excellent results we have already achieved with this platform in the past. As a proven tool for high-volume production in the area of photonic applications it enables excellent epitaxial quality and yield on 6-inch wafers whilst also providing the flexibility we require as an epi foundry to serve our customers. Furthermore, the AIX 2800G4-TM platform offers outstanding uniformity and reproducibility. In addition, the backing of the Aixtron local support team will help us to quickly ramp up the systems and serve our customers timely in the current dynamic market situation.”

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Dr. Frank Schulte, Vice President Europe at Aixtron, adds: “We have been collaborating with IQE for more than 20 years and we are looking forward to contribute to their business success by supporting the planned production ramp-up in the best way possible. The AIX 2800G4-TM reactor which can even accommodate 5×8-inch wafers has already built itself a strong reputation within the industry, mainly thanks to its unique material performance without compromising on the economies of scale of the Aixtron Planetary batch concept.”

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