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Is OLED TV the next big thing?

Is OLED TV the next big thing?

February 27, 2015: Organic LED (OLED) television (TV) is becoming popular and many leading electronics manufacturers like LG Electronics are developing OLED TVs. Organic means the layer of carbon film, which emits light when electric current is applied.

According to Steve Ryu, general manager, Home Entertainment division, LG Electronics West Africa, OLED is the next generation technology and the company is penetrating the Nigerian market with OLED TVs.

Driving factors

OLED TV manufacturers promise to develop low cost OLED TVs compared to the manufacturing cost of LCD panel, which is driving investments in OLED technology. Development of flexible displays is also driving investments in the technology.

What so great about OLED TV?

According to Consumer Reports, OLED is the best display technology, and will be the next big thing. It combines the best features of plasma and LCD technologies. It has unlimited viewing angles of top plasma TV and deep black levels. At the same time, it has better power efficiency, super-thin bezel design and bright picture of LCD TVs.

While OLED TVs were very expensive some years back, prices are now coming down. Analysts say that OLED technology will continue to improve and become affordable. As a result, more and more manufacturers will develop OLED TVs in the next few years. Also, with the merging of OLED and ultra high-definition television, great picture quality is expected.

Challenging factors

Although the manufacturing yields of OLED TVs worldwide is still low compared to LCD and LED TVs, one major challenging factor that is preventing OLED TVs from reaching its goal of becoming the successor to LCD TV is the competition that an alternative technology?quantum dots?is giving it. TVs based on quantum dots can be produced by improving the picture quality of LCD, and without requiring the manufacturers to completely overhaul their manufacturing processes. This can be a huge appeal to shift to quantum dots TV. Many analysts also believe that compared to OLED TV, quantum dot TVs will be cheaper and easier to produce.

However, Steve Ryu believes that it is OLED technology that will replace LCD TVs and will become the consumer choice.

OLED displays have several advantages over LCDs. They are cheaper to produce as they need less number of manufacturing processes, which reduces cost of manufacturing. OLED displays also offer brighter and more colour-intensive pictures. Their picture quality is superior to LCD, and they are more flexible and can be transparent, too.

LG?s OLED range

LG?s OLED display technology includes 55EC9300 and 65EC9700. According to CNET, LG?s 55-inch 55EC9300 has the best picture quality compared to Plasma and LCD TVs.

Forbes stated that with 4K resolution and with OLED technology, LG?s 65-inch 65EC9700, 4K is the most exciting TV of the last 20 years.

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