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ITRI foldable AMOLED prototype meets commercial standards

ITRI foldable AMOLED prototype meets commercial standards

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 2, 2017: Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has demonstrated its latest flexible AMOLED display, which has been tested to 200,000 folding cycles at a folding radius of 3mm.

The flexible AMOLED display was subjected to 1kg of steel wool friction, which the display can withstand over 50,000 times due to an extra composite material layer that ITRI has developed to increase wearing and anti-folding performance.

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The flexible AMOLED display meets the requirements of smart mobile devices, and ITRI has already reached production maturity. It also keeps refining the products’ performance including display stability and full integration of touch functions while also strengthening anti-wear and folding capabilities.

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ITRI provides touch solutions for the next generation flexible electronic products by combining its FlexUP substrate with capacitive touch sensing technology to develop the ultra-thin foldable touch panel. Compared with the glass touch panel, ITRI’s flexible touch solution has the advantages of lightweight and foldable characteristics. By continuous folding after 100,000 times with a 3mm folding radius, the original touch performance of the panel remained unchanged. This technology can be applied to wearable and hand-held foldable mobile devices.

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