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Japan Display will produce OLED panels in mass capacity by 2018

Japan Display will produce OLED panels in mass capacity by 2018

By BizLED Bureau:

Jan 27, 2016: The year 2018 will see a mass production in OLED panels as Japanese manufacturer Japan Display recently announced this in an official statement. The current news snippet has led to a possibility that Apple might launch an OLED screened phone in the near future.

Japan Display will produce OLED Panels in mass capacity by 2018

Per the Reuters report, Japan Display officially announced to initiate mass production of OLED panels to compete with other Korean rivals such as Samsung and LG Display. There are also market speculations that Apple is considering to incorporate these screens in future iPhone models.

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The chief of Japan Display’s research center, Akio Takimoto stated at a press release that, “We will take advantage of our advanced thin-film transistor technology in developing OLED screens.?

Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), which is state-backed fund and biggest investor in Japan Display and Sharp have joined hands with the latter company?s display business with Japan Display. The report was further confirmed by some confidential industry sources, who do not wish to be named.

In another rumour which coincides with an Engadget report presses with market rumors that Apple will discontinue using LCDs as well.

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Multiple media reports have pointed that Apple might be incorporating OLED panels in latest iPhones by 2018. Few other report doing the rounds point to Samsung and LG Display, which might be potential suppliers for OLED screens in latest iPhones.

With current news and speculations within advancements and changes in OLED arena, the end user will be benefited the most as waging price wars and stiff technological marvels will certainly serve a better outcome.

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