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Japanese LED industry witnesses mixed fortunes for manufacturers

Japan LED industry, Sharp and Joled

By BizLED Bureau

August 11, 2015: Currently, the Japanese LED industry is facing some positive as well as negative developments. While, Joled Inc, is all set to expand its capacity, Japanese electronic giant Sharp is getting ready to shut down three LED plants.

Bt 2017, Joled will start producing 10- to 20-inch organic electroluminescent display panels for laptop and tablet computers. Joled will also raise an investment to develop OLED panels by 2016. It is also planning to build a Yen100 billion plant in Japan. To raise this fund Joled is planning to go public or seek business integration with major LCD manufacturer Japan Display Inc. Basically, the company is in for massive expansion plans.

On the other hand, Sharp has announced its plan to shutdown three LED plants. It will first shut down the Mihara electronic component plant by 2015 end, and the close down of the three plants in Fukuyama will follow. Further losses are expected this year after the sell off of its solar cell business, that too, at a discount price. Sharp also did business on the lower side in 2014 which it attributes to poor display sales as well as pursuing the wrong business strategies. For example, Sharp‘s decision to bag Xiaomi smartphone display orders could not materialise.

The damp squib of the the tablet display market in 2014, on which Sharp was banking to see a rise in its revenue, made matters worse. Sharp had aimed for a growth in small to mid-sized flat panel sector but this market saw price drop by more than 20%.

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