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Jewelers and retailers can woo customers with LED lighting

Jewelers and retailers can woo customers with LED lighting

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 18, 2015: Any jewellery store understands well how important it is to install the right type of lighting, as it is through this that a customer?s experience of buying jewellery is highlighted. Many jeweler experts affirm that display lighting affects the purchasing decision of most of the customers. Let?s see how jewelers can use lighting to impress customers.

Shadow vs. light: When installing lighting in a jewellery store, the fixtures should be so positioned that shadows are not cast over the jewellery. The lights also must shine in a way that when customers lean over the display cases, the lighting doesn?t cast shadows. Rather, it should fall atop the jewellery, highlighting its sparkle and shine. Many jewellery think that lighting at both the top and back of the display case works well.

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Overhead Lighting: Overhead jewellery lighting must be installed apart from the lighting in the display cases. For small budget jewellery, it?s best to focus on overhead lighting the most because when a customer wants to look at a particular piece of jewellery, he will ask for it to be removed from the case. When he examines the piece, the overhead lighting will certainly influence his purchasing decision.

Highlighting: It doesn?t matter how big and impressive your store is, if you fail to highlight it with the right lighting, you unconsciously lower its value. It?s important to know that the right lighting doesn?t just involve the lights only. It?s all about atmosphere and the display cases also.

Balance in Warmth and Color: When going for the warmth of the lights, always keep in mind that lights providing a cool white color will add a lot of sparkle and shine to the jewellery. Lights with a 3000K (Kelvin) will be a warm white color having a yellow glow. For a completely neutral white color, you should have lights between 3400K and 4500K. Lights having 4600K give off a cool white color with a blue glow.

What retailers can learn from jewellery display lighting?

One may ask — Why lighting is so important in jewellery stores only, not in other stores? But the truth is that it is equally important for other stores as well. Any type of store will benefit from lighting. The primary objective of lighting is to highlight what customers want. This not only makes the customer experience more enjoyable, but also speeds up his purchasing decision and allows you to help more customers.

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Display lighting comes in several forms. Many retail and jewelry stores have felt the numerous benefits to be gained through LED lighting. LED lights not only provide maximum efficiency, these are also being integrated into smart LED light systems, which enhance the customer experience by connecting wirelessly to customers? smartphones. In coming days, retail and display lighting will play a key role in buying experience of customers in a positive way.

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