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Keselec Schréder installs smart LED street lights in Ujjain

Keselec Schréder installs smart LED street lights in Ujjain

July 12, 2016:  Keselec Schréder is proud to be associated with Ujjain Nagar Nigam in providing remotely controlled smart LED Street Lights at Agar Road in Ujjain. Keselec Schreder, an Indo – Belgian Joint venture, has installed close to 250 Voltana LED luminaires intergrated with its OWLET Telemanagement system. Owlet is a telemanagement system for monitoring, controlling, metering and managing outdoor lighting. Based on open technologies it saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves outdoor lighting reliability and lowers the maintenance cost. Operating state, energy consumption and failures are reported and stored in a database with exact timestamp and geographical location.

Each LED luminaire is fitted with a Lumen Controller (LuCo) which is controlled by a central master controller named Segment Controller (SeCo). The Lumen Controller interacts with the segment controller via wireless technology (ZigBee). Each segment controller controls about 120 luminaires. Each individual light point can be switched off/on or dimmed at any time. With the use of internet all the prescribed data of the luminaire are stored in the central server and dimming/ ON/OFF commands can be executed in seconds from across the globe.

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Key benefits of the OWLET telemanagement system

  • Power Saving
    The luminaire will be turned on and off as per the schedule time defined, so no enery is wasted for late turn offs of street light
  • Constant Lumen Output (CLO)
    The luminaire is maintains a constant lux levels on the road throughout its life and eliminates overlighting of roads with the new luminaire
  • Fixed Dimming of LED Luminaire
    The luminaire is defined with predefined dimming cycle so as to dim it and save energy during hours with less or no traffic (i.e luminaire can be dimmed to 50% after 11Pm till 4 Am to save energy )
  • Instant Alarm Management (Alarms for power theft, Faulty Luminaire)
    The SeCo sends a command signal to the user when the luminaire consumes more power (faulty luminaire) or there is power theft from the luminaire.
  • Moinitoring of the Luminaire data (ON/OFF …etc)
    The user gets a regular update of indivisual luminaire to check if the luminaire is off or what is the dimming percentage, what is the life of the control gear or the lamp so as to maintain the inventory for maintainence cycle.

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  • Metering of Electricty Consumption
    The user is regularly updated with the energy consumption of the indivisual luminaire so as to moniter the electricty usage and methods to effectively use it.
  • Light on Demand
    Any luminaire can be switched ON/OFF or dimmed to any levels as per the requirement from across the world.
  • Location with Google Maps
    The faulty luminaire can be easily located as all the luminaire are visible on google maps as per their co-ordinates .

Source: Keselec Schréder

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