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Kind LED Grow lights for growing crops and plants indoor

Kind LED Grow Lights for growing crops and plants indoor

January 22, 2015: Commercial grow facilities embrace the new Kind LED Grow lights to cultivate crops and plants grown indoors during winter in cold parts of the world, or to supplement sunlight in pinkhouses year-round for agricultural support facilities. Cost savings of these lights have caught the attention of many large commercial grow facilities because of fourfold savings:

  1. Energy costs are lower: LED lighting produces more light per watt of electricity consumed than other lighting technologies, emitting less heat. This is the primary reason that large commercial grow facilities are moving over to Kind LED grow lighting as their light source of choice to grow plants. For the same area of canopy, Kind LED grow lights use just 65% of the power that HPS consumes.
  2. Equipment costs are lower: Less cooling equipment and HVAC apparatus are necessitated in an Kind LED grow room, because the lights don’t need accessory cooling, and the room does not overheat. This translates to 90% less ducting, inline fans, air conditioning, exhaust, and other cooling equipment.
  3. Installation costs are lower: HVAC equipment is time-consuming to install, and AC requires professional skill for running freon lines. All this can be avoided using Kind LED grow lights, which do not generate high heat. You just hang up the lights and grow.
  4. Maintenance costs are lower: Use of HPS lighting requires regular bulb changes.Bulbs can cost around $100 each, and many growers change them a few times per year. This is an ongoing maintenance cost of hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. Kind LED needs no ongoing maintenance.

For these reasons as well as several others unrelated to expenses, commercial grow facilities are choosing Kind LED.

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For more info: http://kindledgrowlights.com/

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