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Koito embeds camera in head and tail lamps

Koito embeds camera in head and tail lamps

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 7, 2017: Going by the trend that cameras are increasingly replacing rear-view and side-view mirrors in cars to offer dynamic views, Koito Manufacturing Co Ltd has prototyped head and tail lamps, embedding a camera in the lamps, and had exhibited it at Ceatec Japan 2017, which took place in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Koito plans to commercialize the lamp in 2020. The head/tail lamp has a camera and LED in its transparent plastic cover. The US-based LiDAR manufacturer Quanergy Systems Inc has developed a prototype in which its LiDAR device was embedded in Koito’s head lamp.

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For the first time, Koito has exhibited a head/tail lamp embedding a camera in it. The company is considering embedding a milliwave radar device in the lamp. Koito assembled the camera by purchasing an image sensor, etc from outside companies. Koito aims to improve the added values of lamps by adding external sensing functions to them.

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