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Kolkata set to light up with LEDs

Kolkata set to light up with LEDs

By BizLED Bureau

May 16, 2017: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) in India, is all set to replace all sodium and metal lights in the city with white LED lights, in a gradual process. This is being done to cut down electricity costs, and save on carbon emissions. KMC pays an annual bill of Rs 120 million for street lighting. With LED lighting, this will come down by at least Rs 40 million.

The white LED lighting that will be installed across Kolkata are very energy efficient and consumes 50% less energy than the conventional sodium lighting. These LED lights will emit white light, and provide clear visibility” an official in KMC’s lighting department said.

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KMC will also gradually replace all lights in its offices, schools health units, markets, borough offices, ward health units, pumping stations, crematoriums with LED lighting. The state government has allocated Rs 400 million to KMC for this purpose.

The official said that the operating and maintenance cost of an LED fitting is very minimum compared to the traditional sodium fitting. These LED lights will have a life of 50,000- 75,000 burning hours when compared to conventional lights.

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