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Korean researchers develop OLED display on fabric

Korean researchers develop OLED display on fabric

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 25, 2016: Today the trend is to develop smart devices and smart wearable gadgets with OLED and LED display screens. These are sync to our smartphones that share information at a glance. However, manufacturers are still innovating and looking for new display panels that can make these wearable thinner and more handy.

One such innovation is a display that has been imbued into fabric. A research jointly done by a Korean automotive company Kolon Glotech Korean, and a research team from the KAIST university, led by professor Chi Kyung-chul, has merged OLEDs with a textile substrate.

With this development, soon displays will come in the arket that will be embedded into clothing material. This can be used to make smart armbands, smart watches, etc.

The team first produce a type of fabric without any rough surfaces, and didn’t expand much when heated up. It then produced a special, flat type of textile, which looks like a glass board. It kas flexible qualities like cloth. The OLEDs have been formed over the material with the help of thermal deposition process.

The research team developed a flat type fabric like a glass board without losing the flexible nature of fabrics. The researchers formed an OLED through a vacuum thermal deposition process on a fabric made in this way. Multi-layer thin film encapsulation technology was used to prevent moisture and oxygen from penetrating into OLEDs. A fabric OLED developed in this way has a life of over 1000 hours and an idle life of more than 3500 hours, said professor Choi Kyung-chul.

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