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Larson Electronics launches vapor proof LED light with motion sensor

Larson Electronics launches vapor proof LED light with motion sensor

June 7, 2017: Larson Electronics LLC, a major industrial lighting company, announced the release of a new vapor proof LED light (GVP-48-2L-LED-DNMS) to be added to its expanding catalog of products this week. This LED features day/night and motion sensing capabilities and has been designed to be vapor proof, impact and vibration resistant for applications such as on ships, offshore applications and within water treatment centers, to name a few.

This four foot long, two lamp vapor proof LED light has been designed for use in wet areas and saltwater-marine environments where corrosion resistance is critical to equipment longevity and safety. This LED comes specially equipped with two T8 style LED bulbs and features no ballast for lighter weight and easier installation. The design of this LED light helps to create resistance to vibrations and extremes in temperature, as well as, a lamp service life of over twice that of the standard fluorescent bulbs.

The GVP-48-2L-LED-DNMS comes equipped with a day/night and motion sensor, located inside the fixture itself. It can be set to be motion activated, day/night activated or in a combination of motion sensing and day/night modes. The versatility of this sensor is further increased when multiple units are installed together, like in a parking lot or garage.

For example, operators are able to set up a sequence of these vapor proof LEDs with alternating lights on separate circuits. The first circuit would have sensors set to a lower lux level than the fixtures on the second circuit. This setup would allow half of the lights to come on as daylight begins to fade, and the rest to only come on once there is complete darkness. They could then be adjusted for motion sensing which would allow the selected LEDs to power on when pedestrian or vehicle movement is detected, and then turn off after an operator chosen interval to conserve energy.

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