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The latest innovative LED drivers

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By David Burpee, BizLED Bureau

March 26, 2015: The latest innovative LED drivers, also known as power supplies, are more innovative and, therefore, offer increased flexibility to the LED systems

Smart hybrid drivers: The new hybrid drivers are more advanced and can automatically switch to the correct mode (buck or boost) based on the available voltage. If the voltage drops to a minimum low, the driver automatically switches to boost mode to protect the LEDs and use the available voltage optimally. These hybrid LED drivers can be connected to an input voltage of between 8V and 36V DC and they can provide 2V to 40V DC and a constant current of 350mA or 500mA at the given output?still maintaining 92% efficiency.

Flicker-free drivers: The new drivers come with tailor-made provisions and can be easily installed in the existing lighting control systems. So there is no need to change the existing controlling systems. These advanced drivers can dim LEDs continuously and without flickering to zero.

High voltage drivers: Earlier, LED drivers could include only 11 or 12 LEDs in a string. But the new ones are high voltage drivers and can go as high as 40V. These advanced drivers can supply up to 17 LEDs in series with constant currents between 350mA and 1200mA.

The latest innovative LED drivers

Diodes Incorporated introduced LED lamp driver AP1695 in August 2014. This driver optimises the design of sub 12W TRIAC dimmer compatible LED lamps by featuring a dimming range of 1 to 100% and up to a 30% reduction in bill of materials (BOM) cost.

For 120V and 230V mains-dimmable retrofit LED lamps such as the common 5W GU10 and 8W energy saver bulbs, AP1695 uses a constant on-time control technique to enable deep TRIAC dimming down to 1% and an increase in lamp/ TRIAC compatibility.

AP1695 is a single-stage driver integrating a 500V high-voltage MOSFET into the space-saving SO-7 package. This device employs PFM technology to tightly regulate output current up to a 230mA (max), while maintaining a power factor higher than 0.9 and a THD rating less than 30%.

Recom Lighting has launched in June 2014 two new high power, dimmable, constant current LED driver series for applications that require a high output voltage to drive long LED strings.The RACD100A series offers constant output currents of 1400mA or 700mA at voltages from 50V up to 142V. The RACD150A offers constant output currents of 1400mA, 1050mA or 700mA, but with voltages from 60V up to 210V.

Both LED driver series support dimming via PWM or 1-10V signals and are fully IP67 sealed for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

With their wide input voltage range of 90 to 305VAC, the new drivers can be used anywhere on 115Vac, 230Vac and 277Vac supplies. The converters operate with full load efficiencies of more than 93%, feature low THD (15%) and active PFC with power factors exceeding 0.98 and are fully protected against short circuit, overload and over temperature conditions.

Texas Instruments introduced in May 2014 two-channel switching LED driver for front lights of automobiles and the only linear LED driver with single short LED detection for rear lights. TPS92630-Q1 and TPS92602-Q1 feature both high side current sense dimming and pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming capabilities, as well as full diagnostic and thermal management, which helps designers create flexible lighting systems that meet many countries’ differing traffic regulations.

Its applications include automotive LED front lamp, rear lamp and interior lighting. The single LED short detection and full diagnostic capabilities give designers flexibility to meet different countries’ traffic regulations.
It supports up to 15 IC connections on one bus and supports easy control logic without an extra microcontroller, which saves valuable board space and cost, compared to previous generations.

Dialog Semiconductor introduced in April 2014 a single stage LED driver to address dimming performance, heat and cost in high power, dimmable solid state lighting (SSL) applications. The new 45W output iW3600 seamlessly dims from 100% down to 1% of measured light with virtually no dead travel and offers low pop-on current to turn light on at very low dimmer levels (< 5% of light output).It also uses Dialog?s patented, configurable over-temperature protection (OTP) derating to tackle LED bulb lifetime issues caused by excessive heat, while its single-stage, digital design lowers Bill Of Material (BOM) costs for lighting OEMs.

Designed for retrofit bulbs including external, dimmable lighting ballast drivers and A19, PAR and T8 bulb replacements used in existing phase-cut dimmer installations, the iW3600 incorporates Dialog?s patented intelligent dimming control to provide compatibility with a wider range of dimmers, including TRIAC, digital and universal dimmers. This technology uses digital analytics to query the dimmer and applies algorithms that automatically adapt to the dimmer type.

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