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Latest trends in UV LED package products

Latest trends in UV LED package products

By BizLED Bureau

May 26, 2016: Keeping in mind the varied requirements of the future applications, majority of the UV LED manufacturers are now introducing innovative products.

Nichia’s UV LED portfolio

Nichia has mostly been manufacturing advanced quartz glass substrate and silicon adhesive glass based UV LED package products with high price/ presentation ratio. Advanced quartz LED package products NVSU233A that consist of a dimension of 35 mm x35 mm have a wavelength emission of 365 nm-405 nm. When driven under 1,000 mA current it can attain an efficiency of 1,400 mW. Nichia targets to enhance luminous efficacy by 40% within 2017.

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Also , the company is introducing DUV LED products by the end of 2016 . These products will be released in two wavelengths models 280 nm and 310 nm. The LED package at 350 mA or 6V can correspondingly reach efficiency of 70 mW and 73 mW. Nichia expects to begin mass production of the product between November to December 2016.

Toyoda Gosei’s UV LED portfolio

This UV LED chip and package manufacturer unveiled glass UV LED products in 2016 that use flip chip LED technology, and consist of a wavelength of 385 nm. The 2020 LED package efficacy performance can reach 800 mW when driven under 500 mA currents, the highest current it can be driven at is 1,000 mA.

Ushio’s UV LED portfolio

After Ushio’s unison with Epitex, it released UV LED and IR LED products in 2016. The IR LED products consist of a wavelength range of 800 nm-1,700 nm, which is supplied to LED package products. As the product has an extremely wide wavelength application variety, IR LED chips are applied in wearables.

Violeds’ UV LED portfolio

The joint venture by Seoul Viosys and SETi, Violed released UV-A LED products comprising of a wavelength of 385 nm with the ability deliver a luminous efficacy performance of 1,200 mW when driven at 500 mA or 3.4V.

Seoul Viosys’ UV LED portfolio

Seoul Viosys is aiming the commercialization of UV LED chip products with a wavelength under 405 nm with increased production capacity. The company released UV-C LED products that have a wavelength of 275 nm when driven at a current of 350 mA or 3-3.5V can reach 30 mW.

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LG Innotek’s UV LED portfolio

LG Innotek has come up with UV-A LED and UV-C LED products. The  365 nm UV-A LED product employs 3535 LEDs, and when driven by 1,000 mA currents, or 3.5 V can reach an efficacy of 1,900 mW. The product employs silicon resin packages to develop its C/P ratio.

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