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Launch of self-emitting QD TVs to be delayed due to tech issues

Launch of self-emitting QD TVs to be delayed due to tech issues

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 23, 2017: TV sets with self-emitting quantum dot (QD) displays will not hit the market before 2020, says WitsView, a division of market intelligence firm TrendForce.

According to WitsView, due to technological challenges and environmental problems related to recycling of QD material, launch of self-emitting QD TVs will be delayed. However, Samsung with its current QLED TVs have started off the beginning of QD display development. Samsung has also changed the name of its high-end TV lineup from “SUHD” to “QLED,” creating market interest on the development of the QD displays.

Self-emitting QD TVs does not require any backlight unit. While OLED is composed of organic material, QD is composed of nanometer-sized crystals made of inorganic materials. These crystals emit different color lights as per the principles of quantum effects. The colors produced by these crystals are affected by the radius sizes of the crystals. As a result, QD displays do not require a color filter layer to create pixels of different colors.

WitsView points out that QD TVs development has three phases. In the first phase, integration of QD with the backlight unit takes place. Mass production is done by two processes—by insertion of QD material into individual LED packages and the deposition of QD material on the optical film of the backlight unit.

In the second phase, integration QD is done with the display. Panel makers are now trying to have QD materials replace color resists in the color filter layer of the panel. At this stage, backlight is needed for the display module.

In the third phase, which has still not taken place, but will take place in the future, panel makers will look at ways to realize self-emitting QD displays and take away the backlight unit.

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