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LED bulb prices fell in February 2017

LED bulb prices fell in February 2017

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 9, 2017: According to LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, the global average sales price (ASP) of LED bulb equivalent to 40 watt light bulbs fell to US$6.8 in February 2017—down 0.6% from the price in January 2017. Prices of 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs stood at US$8.2—down by 2.1% from January 2017 price.

According to LEDinside analyst Allen Yu, due to promotions of LED filament bulbs, the prices drop significantly in Europe and the US in February 2017.


However, due to increasing costs of raw materials, China’s LED package market has witnessed rise in prices. In China, several LED package suppliers have already raised their prices for some of their products since the Chinese New Year due to the tight supply of standard LED chips.

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While MLS announced in February that it will raise the prices of its lighting LED packages by 15%, it is clear that other suppliers will follow.

In February 2017, price rise affected 2835 LEDs, with 0.2-watt and 0.5-watt 2835 LEDs—both witnessed a hike of 1.2% as compared to January. Prices of 3030 LEDs and 5630 LEDs were, however, stable in February.

In China, prices of 40-watt equivalent LED bulbs fell by 1.7% in February as compared to January.

US, UK, Germany, Japan

Germany, the UK and the US also saw price decline in February 2017—40-watt equivalent LED bulbs declined by 6.1%, 1.2% and 5% respectively in the above three markets.

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On the other hand, while promotional activities ended in Asia in February 2017, prices of some products have bounced back. In Japan, prices of 40-watt equivalent LED bulbs rose by 2.9% as compared to January 2017.

Prices for 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs in Germany, the UK and the US declined in February 2017—by 5.2%, 5% and 3.9%, respectively.

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