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LED bulb prices in India to go further down

LED bulb prices in India to go further down

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 1, 2015: LED bulb prices in India are expected to be priced down further by Rs 20 following government?s 50 million LED bulb purchase tender to be issued in the next few days. LED bulb retail prices in India range between Rs 160 to Rs 250, while CFLs retail price fall between Rs 130 to Rs 215. LED bulb prices have plummeted in the last 18 months from Rs 310 per bulb.

It is expected that Energy Efficiency Services (EESl) will invite bids in a single tender of 50 million LED bulbs in the next 10 days, which might drive down LED bulb costs further. Seeing increasing demand of LED bulbs, several Indian manufacturers are shifting their assembly lines from CFL to LED lamps. Some of them are preparing to fully convert their assembly lines to LEDs within one year. Some manufacturers are aiming to establish manufacturing bases for LED lamps, and several announcements might be released in the next six months.

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Industry experts noted that the government?s LED lighting program, run by EESL, has made the LED lamp industry scale a peak in 18 months. Under the program, EESL procured LED lamps in bulk through competitive bidding and distributed them to consumers through power distribution companies. Already 30 million LED bulbs have been distributed under the scheme.

According to an estimate about 600 million incandescent bulbs are sold in India every year, and are popular among rural population because of its low prices. Their consumption declined from 700-800 million last year to around 400 million this year.

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