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LED bulbs price shoots down to INR 64 per unit

LED bulbs price shoots down to INR 64 per unit

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 27, 2016: In the latest achievement due persistent efforts to curb the cost of an average LED bulb, the government has bought down the current price to Rs.64.41 from Rs.73 per unit of a light emmiting diode(LED).

LED bulbs price shoots down to INR 64 per unit

This further fall of 10 percent in the price of 9W LED unit owes to Government of India, through its flagship initiative Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP). The news was confirmed by an official from Union Ministry of Power.

The efficiency of 9W bulbs has increased by 20 percent whereas the procurement price has come down to INR 64.41 (exclusive of taxes) from existing INR 73.

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Considering the recent round of procurement of 9W LED bulbs for Madhya Pradesh, the price has dropped to INR 64.41, exclusive of taxes. Compared to June 2015 price of INR 73, this is a 10 percent reduction about 80 percent fall from February 2014 price of INR 310, the ministry further quoted as saying.

These state-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL) has the right combination of aggregation and transparent procurement, to achieve a rapid decline in LED prices and thereby making it affordable to the common man.

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“This has resulted in significant reduction in transaction cost and time and enhanced process efficiency. This, in turn, has led to a much larger participation of bidders thereby increasing competition and reducing the cost of LED bulbs,” it added.

In another important announcement earlier this week, the government announced that EESL has distributed five crore LED lighting under DELP.

With a target between nine-ten crore by March 2016, it will be able to distribute seven crore LED bulbs by the end of February, as per reports.

In a tweet by Power Minster Mr Piyush Goyal, “Power bills have reduced by Rs.2,500 crore through the distributed bulbs, savings will go up to Rs.45,000 crore annually.”

“Almost 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide is not being emitted daily due to five crore LED bulbs,” he said.

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