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LED bulbs will cost Rs 44 in India?

LED bulbs will cost Rs 44 in India?

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 25, 2016: As per industry sources, government-procurement price in India for LED bulbs is likely to reduce to US$0.662 by mid 2016. This means that LED bulbs will cost only Rs 44 in India soon.

The sources also said that the government of India had obtained 150 million LED bulbs that were meant for sponsored procurements in the local market via open bids in 2015 and is likely to obtain over 200 million units in 2016.

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Buy LED bulbs at Rs 44 in India?

The government’s prerequisites with regards to manufacturing capability, suppliers’ sales etc pave way for leading global as well as national lighting manufacturers to win the bids.  Here, the sources indicated that LED makers from Taiwan and China mainly look in becoming LED chip and packaging service suppliers for such bid winners.

The sources pointed out that the Indian government-procurement LED light bulbs have to pass BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification. The sources further said that BIS has increased provisions for LED light bulbs from 7W, 700lm with luminous effectiveness of 95lm/W originally to 9W, 900lm with minimal 100lm/W at present.

However, owing to rising competition bid rates for LED light bulb fell from Rs 310 in 2014 to Rs 72 in 2015 and this fall will further continue and soon will reach Rs 44 per LED bulb by mid 2016, according to the sources.

The sources also noted that the biggest China-based LED packaging service provider, MLS has joined hands with the leading Taiwan-based LED chip maker and epitaxial wafer, Epistar for a mutual venture in India to offer LED devices for major suppliers of LED light bulbs in the government procurement scheme.

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This joint venture is planning to ship 600-700 LED devices on a monthly basiss for an India market share of 30-50% in two years and will provide LED light bulbs for trade under MLS’ brand Forest Lighting in the market by the middle of 2016, the sources pointed out.

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