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LED buyers’ guide: How smart are smart LED bulbs?

LED buyers? guide: How smart are smart LED bulbs?

By Srabani Sen, BizLED Bureau

Jan 5, 2016: Smart LED bulbs, also called connected bulbs, are bulbs that can replace conventional bulbs and offer many smart features. These bulbs can be controlled from any smart devices like smartphone or tablet. Smart LED bulbs are connected through Wi-Fi and are more expensive than the traditional light bulbs. However, smart bulbs last much longer than the standard bulbs.

Different types of smart LED lights are available in the market. While there are Wi-Fi connected bulbs that give out white light like CFL bulbs, there are also color changing LED bulbs that can do many different things, for example, changing color as per your mood. Smart LED lights can turn on or off on being scheduled or when you enter a room or leave a room. These bulbs can also convey information.

Let’s take a look at some of the smart LED bulbs available in the market.

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Philips Hue

When we talk about color LED light, we can name Philips Hue. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone (unofficial).

Philips Hue is the most popular of all the smart and connected LED lights. It offers a number of bulbs for your home in different colors. You can start off with the starter kit, which includes Hue bridge and three Hue bulbs (in either A19 or BR30 styles). There is a hub which is the center of the system, and which is essential to get going. Later you can also add up to 50 individual bulbs to a single Hue system running off a single bridge.

A19 Hue bulb can replace a standard bulb as they fit in any lamp or light fixture just like a traditional bulb. The BR30 bulb is good for spotlights and flood light fixtures. Philips also offers Bloom and Lightstrip, and these bulbs add ambience to your home/room.

Video Credit: PhilipsLighting

Installing a Hue is quite easy. You have to plug the Hue bridge into your router and power, screw in the Hue bulb where you want it to fit, and then start the Hue app on your iPhone or Android device. Now your smart bulbs are up and running. The app offers features like light controls, timers, scenes, alarms, etc.

Hue can elevate your lighting to infinite levels, giving you options to create all kinds of color themes from over 16 million color choices. There is also the Hue Tap, which allows you to control up to four different scenes without any battery.

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