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LED buyers’ guide: How smart are smart LED bulbs?

LED buyers? guide: How smart are smart LED bulbs?

GE Link

GE Link smart bulb has the best white light. It is compatible with Android and iOS. GE Link smart LED bulb from GE Lighting works with Wink home automation network, which allows you to control it through the Wink app on your phone or tablet by using Wink Hub or GE Lighting’s own Link Hub.

GE Link LED smart bulbs come in three types?standard A19, BR30 and PAR36 floodlight. These bulbs can be installed through the Wink app, which lets you to control them, even remotely from your smartphone or tablet. You can on/off individual bulbs remotely. You can also dim the lights with the help of the app.

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The installation of GE Link is quite simple. You can ust connect the hub, twist in the bulb, turn it on, and sync with the Wink app.

It can easily automate your lighting to turn on when you wake up, turn off when you leave, or dim when bedtime approaches. What more, you can control individual bulbs or groups of them remotely.

GE Link LED bulbs last for over 22 years* (based on 3 hours/day) and use 80% less power than traditional ones, claims GE Lighting.

LIFX can work without the hub

LIFX smart LED bulb is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone (unofficial). LIFX bulb works in the same way like Philips Hue. LIFX bulbs are standalone bulbs, which means they can work without any bridge or hub. A free app for smartphone come along with it.

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LIFX bulbs are found in a few varieties?Edison Screw, Bayonet, and Downlight. You will only need the bulbs and Wi-Fi connection to have a smart home lighting system. You do not have to get your router connected to a hub to make the bulbs work. Just fix the bulb into a lamp, light fixture and start the app. With the app you can control the color, brightness, dimming, and special effects like candle flicker, music visualizer, or lava light.

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