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LED downlights required to illuminate a room!

LED downlights required to illuminate a room!

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 28, 2016: A new home is everyone?s dream. With apt lighting and requirements per room to provide sufficient light is one of the most daunting task. There are number of reasons which are up for consideration such as lumen rating, LED?s beam angle, purpose of the room or any other additional of requirement to compliment the room.

LED downlights required to illuminate a room!

Of all the variables, the main variables to determine how many downlights to use per room are, the size of the room, the lumens (light) produced per bulb and the light beam angle. Reason being, the size of the room will determine how much light is produced and the beam angle will tell us how the light shall be distributed in the room.

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With the changing times, the concept to use watts over the lumen output is also changing. Quick advancements in LED technology is leading to overall efficiency of the product. We will try to explain this with an example ie; 7.5W Osram GU10 produces 390 lumens similar to old 10W Osram GU10. This resonates to a 30% watt decrease keeping light output same. It is practically difficult to figure out exact lights per room on watts as newer low wattage lights are producing more light than their previous counter parts.

The next factor in consideration is the brightness in a particular room. For instance, a more casual and relaxed setting will have more ambient light and user won’t opt for a bright light. However a professional and formal room would be fully lit up and bright.

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The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has set new lighting regulations in year 2011. Under the rules, the code states that users are only allowed 5W per square meter of lighting indoors, 4W for outdoor areas and 3W for garage lighting. Based on the LED lights current efficiency levels, 5W per square meter works best to fully illuminate a room.

An example to explain this scenario will be useful:

A 4m x 4m room will have an area of 16m(sq). If we use 5W per meter, we will be allowed to use a max of 80W for the room. In this room for instance, we might suggest using 4 x 14W Choice COB Downlight Kits, bringing it to a total of 56W. The level of brightness will remain acceptable as we have a room of that exact size and use 4 of the Choice lights. There is a possibility of adding another 1-2 extra lights if you wanted.

An important point to remember is, it is not always about the lumen rating of light that determines the number of lights required. The calculation is done purely on symmetry.

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