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LED grow lights Vs HPS comparison

LED grow lights Vs HPS comparison

Smart Grow Technologies Cannabis Case Study compares new PAR-FORCE 500 watt LED lighting vs traditional High Pressure Sodium 1000 watt grow lights. 8′ x 8′ grid challenge. Interview with the medical grower reveals some interesting perspective on new age LED lighting technologies such as photon rich phosphor blends with photon rich red light for flowering. Average 1500 micromoles at the plant canopy and convert to a perfect 65 DLI for bloom flowering. Cretit: Darrin Dow, SmartGrow Technologies

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  1. THE ADVANTAGES OF LED LIGHTING LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is totally different from traditional lighting, as the bulbs produce light by using semi-conductors. In a nutshell, it’s digital light. They don’t seem to be a new phenomenon; LEDs have been used in Christmas fairy lights, remote controls and digital devices for an extended time. More just lately they’ve begun to be more extensively available for lighting within the house, and have shortly develop into a vastly well-liked, energy efficient lighting solution. Listed below are some of the main advantages of utilizing LED lighting: LED lights are much longer lasting than other varieties of light bulb, and the expected life of each bulb is around a hundred,000 hours. If your light was on for eight hours every day, the bulb would final somewhere within the area of 20 years. In consequence, the upkeep required to interchange the bulbs is much less too, which can be notably useful in a industrial or office environment. LEDs convert approximately 80-90% of the energy they use into light making them among the many most energy environment friendly bulbs you possibly can buy. Traditional bulbs, on the other hand, can convert as little as 10-20% of the energy they use into light, which implies the lampu jalan solar CCTV remaining 80-90% is misplaced as heat. This implies while you choose LED bulbs you are actually paying to light your private home, slightly than for the lost energy when using other, less energy environment friendly types of light bulb. Not like many energy saving light bulbs, with LED there’s no need to attend for the bulbs to light up fully. They emit their full light straight away. Over time, the light they give off becomes slightly less vivid, but they don’t usually burn out in the same approach that traditional bulbs can. LED lighting only requires a low-voltage energy provide, so it may possibly easily be used in conjunct

  2. The problem with LED Grow lights is most of the data is from the manufacture themselves and their outrageous claims to help sell their product. Traditionally growers don’t like to share their “Secrets” even with their investors. Could be a job security issue for them. When a crop fails the growers blame everyone but themselves as they experiment with different soils, watering methods, lights, etc. Everyone’s an expert!

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