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LED light that absorbs colour of your choice

An LED light that absorbs colour of your choice

By BizLED Bureau

July 20, 2017: Many a times it happened that we see a fabic and like its colour. We wish to have the same colour for our sofa cover or curtains, or we would like to paint our house in the same colour. But, alas, we don?t remember the exact colour or portray it properly when we need to do so. If we capture it with our cellphone camera, the exact colour don?t come up. Now, this problem has been sorted. Colour detecting sensors and LEDs have become so advanced, yet cheap enough to be used in a number of interesting gadgets to capture the exact colour that we see.

Perfect for designers

SwatchMate, a perfect tool for designers, lets you capture any colour with a click of a button. This newly launched gadget, developed by Paul Peng, Rocky Liang and Djorde Dikic in Australia, is a small cube that fits in the hand and whenever you see colour?be it a fabric, paint, a flower or a wall?you can press the cube against the object and get its colour. The colour gets stored in a Bluetooth-connected smartphone which can be duplicated in a Photoshop or an Illustrator. The saved colour is a RGB, CMYK, or L*a*b* value that can be used as you want.

How it works

SwatchMate captures the object colour in its own shade, where an internal LED. This light reflects into a sphere, which directs the colour to an onboard sensor with more accuracy, claims SwatchMate?s developers. Whenever you want to capture a colour, place SwatchMate on the object and press the button integrated on it.

SwatchMate captures different colours and stores them. The cube acts like a ?swatchgrabber?, with the ?swatch? referring to the colour that has been recorded. The cube uses an inner sphere, situated inside the device along with a light source and colour sensor to capture any colour that it is placed on it.

The cube converts a chosen colour into a usable, workable format. It sends the colour to your smartphone and into a Photoshop using a Bluetooth. The cube can save 20 colours.

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