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LED lighting best for retrofit operations

LED lighting best for retrofit operations

By BizLED Bureau

July 14, 2016: Are you one of those who are looking to retrofit their properties? Then, it is highly recommended that you opt for LED lighting. The increasing trend of LED paves way for great deal of benefits for retrofit operations, according to David Clements, managing director of Future Designs. Furthermore, he said that there are noteworthy benefits of retrofitting existing lighting fixtures with LED technology.

Boosts life span and cut costs

This energy-efficient technology helps in carbon and energy reduction, which resulting in boosting the life span of LEDs as compared to halogen or fluorescent. In addition, this also results in savings of raw materials. For example, reprocessing the steel in an existing luminaire carcass significantly decreases the use of natural resources. Hence, on the whole, retrofitting is a win-win means of revising lighting, Clements added.

LED lighting best for retrofit operations

Led by the UAE, the region is enthusiastically promoting its aspiration to welcome organisations such as Future Designs to bring manufacturing skills, and it is more than likely that the company will start a manufacturing unit within the next two years.

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Clements also said that Future Designs have plans to set up manufacturing facilities in the GCC based on the region’s practical move towards sustainability in the near future. At present, the company is in discussion to establish a manufacturing unit in the GCC, he added.

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