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LED lighting can help to calm down prisoners

LED lighting can help to calm down prisoners

ByBizLED Bureau

Oct 17, 2016: LED lighting can be used to reduce violent behavior among prisoners, according to a research commissioned by UK prison operator Serco. The research, which was conducted at a private HM Prison Ashfield in Gloucestershire in the UK, revealed that LED lighting affects mood in prisons.

Following the switch over of traditional lights with LEDs in the prison, there seemed to be a change in the behavior of prisoners. For the research, the surplus levels of light pollution into the cells by the security lights that bordered the prison were removed. As soon as the interior lights in the cells were changed, it was seen that the convict’s efforts to adjust the output of the lights decreased considerably. There were less paper shades and DIY diffusers being inserted to the lights by the prisoners.

Further, it was seen that violent behaviour among the prisoners reduced significantly. While the research was uncertain, it was complicated to create a direct connection between the installation of new LED lights in the cells at the prison and a reduction in violence and destruction that took place at the same time.

Even though, the research proved valuable, more in-depth R&D is needed to establish a full-proof link between LED lighting and behaviour of prisone

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